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Board of Directors


R.I. Mutope A-Alkebu-Lan, Ph.D., is the President of the Board of Directors of the DBCFSN.   He is a member of the Wayne County, Michigan State University Extension and 4-H Community Center Advisory Boards.  He is a Certified Advanced Master Gardener. Mr. A-Alkebulan is the former president of Detroit Public Library, Board of Commissioners; and the former Associate Director of the Skillman Center for Children, Wayne=2 0State University.  He is the President and C.E.O. of A-Alkebu-Lan Consultancy.


Larry Swain is the Vice-president of the Board of Directors of the DBCFSN.  He is employed by the Michigan Department of Agriculture as the Community Program Manager.  He has worked extensively with farmers throughout the State of Michigan.  His primary area of expertise is integrated pest management.


Melinda Lewis is the Treasurer of the Board of Directors of the DBCFSN.  She holds a degree in accounting and has more than 25 years experience in office automation and information technology.    She is a certified health minister who teaches people how to regain and/or maintain good health utilizing natural whole foods.


Michael T. Weathington is the secretar y of the DBCFSN Board of Directors. He has held Master Gardening and Advanced Master Gardening certifications for more than 25 years   He has been a professional interior and exterior landscaper for more than 20 years.  He also holds a certificate of advanced training in Personalized Metabolic Nutrition.  He has implemented organic pest management techniques with DBCFSN agricultural projects for the past three years.


Patrya Smith serves as a member of the Board of DBCFSN.  She is the Executive Director and CEO of Creative Health and Human Services, Inc.  She is a Nutritional Consultant and Food Preparation Instructor.  She is the Director and Coordinator of 15 Peace Healing Gardens.  She served for more than 20 years at the MSU Extension 4H Center in Detroit, participating in its Urban Gardening Program.  She presently participates in the 4H20Supporters Program.  She has attended Master Gardening Classes and various MSU Horticultural and Agricultural classes and workshops.  She is currently being trained regarding greenhouse building and structuring and organizing hoophouses for urban communities. She is a member of the Detroit Agricultural Network.

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