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About the Coop and Buying Club
The Ujamaa Food Coop Food Buying Club is another program of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network. Through this program, members of the club are able to purchase a wide variety of healthy foods, supplements, and household items at discounted prices.
Every four weeks, members submit orders through our vendor, United Natural Foods (UNFI), which is the largest natural foods distributor in the United States. Each member receives a user name and password, with which they can log into the UNFI web site, browse products and choose items to order. Our orders are submitted electronically, and are delivered to our office at 3800 Puritan. UNFI has an extensive selection of items to choose from, including bulk beans, nuts, and grains, frozen and refrigerated items, cereals, vitamins and supplements, soaps and detergents, etc; anything available through popular local health food stores is available through UNFI, except for fresh produce. However, our farm currently supplies fresh produce.  We do not have a membership fee right now, but we may need to institute one in the future to build capacity to open a store. Any
membership fee will have to be voted in by the membership.

Our present organization is only the beginning. We are working to grow our buying club into a full service store that will be operated within the city of Detroit. We have already conducted a feasibility study, we are currently working on a business plan, and we have some potential sites identified.
The Ujamaa Food Coop
Buying Cooperatively • Working Collectively • Reducing Overhead
Next order due Thursday, March 20 | Delivery Thursday, March 27, 2014

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Forgot your UNFI password? Go to www.unfi.com, click the password reset link. The customer number is 88618.

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